Clear TV Review

Are you spending around $100 a month on satellite or cable TV? Perhaps you’ve even thought about switching providers just to save a few bucks on your monthly bill. But, what if we told you that you could cut ties with your cable provider without missing on your favorite broadcast network shows? The Clear TV Key makes it all possible.

The Clear TV Key is a simple device that plugs into your TV. Once plugged in, your TV will instantly receive all the top-rated broadcast networks, including ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, PBS, The CW, ION, and Qubo, plus local news and weather, sporting events, a 24-hour classic movie channel, and Spanish-language channels like Telemundo and Azteca.  You can stream all of these channels for free. The only cost you incur is the one-time purchase fee of $19.99 for your Clear TV Key.

Additional benefits of the Clear TV Key include:

  • No unsightly antenna or wires. Whether you’re using cable or satellite TV or another digital antenna, you have unsightly wires, cables and antennas. Wires and antennas are unattractive and can hinder your home’s design scheme. No one likes looking at or dealing with tangled wires. Fortunately, the Clear TV Key is plugged into the back of the TV, where it’s concealed and unseen. You can mount your TV on the wall without having to conceal ugly cords.
  • Works with any TV. You can use the Clear TV Key with any TV. Most TVs sold after May 25, 2007 are legally required to have a built-in digital tuner. This is what enables the TV to receive digital broadcasts. Unless you’re TV is more than 10 years old, it is compatible with the Clear TV Key.
  • Better picture. The Clear TV Key produces a clearer and more vivid picture than cable TV. This is because cable companies compress their HD signals, which results in a weaker signal.
  • Bypass cable companies. Cable companies charge high rates for their service. With the Clear TV Key, you can bypass cable companies and their contracts and unexpected price hikes and watch your favorite broadcast network shows for free.

Ditch your cable company and enjoy the many benefits of the Clear TV Key. View a Clear TV review here to learn more about the advantages of the Clear TV Key.