The 4 Keys to Know about Clear TV Key

This isn’t your grandmother’s old-fashioned rabbit ear antenna. No more fiddling with the tops of TV sets and using wire hangers to extend the transmission. The Clear TV Key is a simple, digital device that plugs into the back of your television set and receives all of your favorite broadcast networks for free. With all the benefits that this little device has in store, Clear TV Key reviews four things you need to know about their digital antenna.

Major Networks Signals are Transmitted Over-the-Air for Free
Some of the content that you receive and are paying for from cable providers is actually free. Broadcast networks, such as FOX, ABC, CBS, and PBS are sponsored by advertising, not subscribers. Additionally, your local news, weather, specific movie channels, and some kid’s programming are broadcasted free of charge.

All Televisions Are Not Created Equally
Most digital TV antennas like Clear TV Key are made to be used on televisions that have an Antenna IN or Cable IN port located on the back of the set. Your TV will need a built-in ATSC digital tuner or a menu option for scanning digital channels. If your TV is not equipped with the tuner, you will need to purchase a converter box to use your Clear TV Key.

Nature is Not Always Your Friend
Your reception is dependent upon factors like geography and location. Digital TV signals pass through surfaces, so the more surfaces the signal has to go through, the weaker it becomes. This means obstructions like hills, trees, and tall buildings can directly impact your reception. The higher or less obstructed the digital antennas are the stronger and better the signal.

Broadcast Signals are Superior to Cable and Satellite Signals
The touted benefit of using a digital antennae like Clear TV Key is the superior quality of the transmission and broadcasted signal. Clear TV Key reviews show that the picture and sound quality significantly better than what cable providers offer.  This is in large part because the received signals are unfiltered and not compressed.

With the Clear TV Key, you can have access to hundreds of channels without the hassle of a cable provider. Get yours today and experience TV your way.


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