Bring Your Family Back Together With These Three Exercises Bound To Strengthen Bonds

What ever happened to quality family time? It’s not like the signature ways of getting everyone to gather around went out the window somewhere along the way: We all still eat dinner, celebrate holidays and watch television. What’s a matriarch or patriarch to do then? The answer, we believe, is to get creative. It’s time to give people good reason to poke their noses out from smartphone screens and recognize each other’s presence again. Fortunately, we’re not going to have to reinvent the wheel here; just re-tool approaches used to pique your loved one’s interests. Below, you’ll find a few such ways and why we think they’re going to work when it comes to getting people to enjoy each other’s company once again.


1) Staying current: Here’s a way for the head of household to save money while enlightening or entertaining those close to them. With a digital television antenna, you’ll be able to cut out your monthly cable bill while still receiving dozens of nationally broadcasted channels plus local sports, classic movies and more. Set time aside once a week to sit down with family members to enjoy an entire program, be it the local sports team or nightly news. It will be quality time well spent – besides of course the fact that you didn’t spend anything, which any Clear TV review will tell you.


2) Home-cooked meal: Today’s hectic schedules and afterhours expectations from work often translate to little time for much else during the weekdays. One of the primary victims of this societal shift is sitting around the dinner table for a meal. We won’t even mention joining forces as a family to cook said meal, as that one seems to have been relegated to one family member for a long time now. Why not assign one day per week as the one when all immediate family members pitch in to help cook dinner?


3) Traditional values: While some might call it repetition, we think that doing the same thing together on a Sunday evening — like the aforementioned dinner or TV programming — shows children that their parents care. Go for a drive, help with homework or attend their sports games; such efforts will work wonders for building a sense of community, respect an open dialog.


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