Ways to Save Money on Personal Entertainment

There’s nobody in this world who doesn’t love saving money, especially if there’s something that you’re really saving towards.  Luckily, there are many easy ways for you to save money on personal entertainment that you might not even be thinking of.

Lowering Your Data on Your Phone Plan

People don’t even think about lowering their data plans to save money – it’s one of the most overlooked money-sponges in the home.  Unlimited data plans can run up close to $100/mo, while 1-2 gigabyte data plans run you about $50-$60/mo.  It might not seem like much, but the money you save adds up after just a couple of months!

Don’t Go to the Movies as Much

The movies are notorious for emptying your wallet in just under two hours.  The snacks and refreshments are priced high, the tickets are expensive, and you can have the same experience at home for much less.  The desire to see a movie the day it comes out is a hard urge to resist, but if you wait until after the movie is released on DVD, or on demand, you can end up saving a whole lot of money.  The average family trip to the movies costs between $60-$80, while the same activity at home can cost less than half!

Get Rid of Your Cable Subscription

Cable is one of the most common and most costly home amenities that you could be overlooking.  The average cable bill in the US is over $100/mo, and even more, if you have premium channels!  One way to combat this is to get an HDTV antenna, which is a one-time fixed cost that gets you all the channels you need for free.  There are many different choices in HDTV antennas, but Clear TV Key reviews state that it’s the best antenna for the job.  You’ll notice the difference in your savings in no time by cutting cable!




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