Digital Television Antenna Is All You Need To Access Dozens Of Channels, Cut Cable Expenses

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To some, the 2009 transfer to digital television broadcasts seemingly meant that the stations they knew, loved and probably grew up with were suddenly no longer viewable at home. This shocking, erroneous and seemingly recent revelation to some was explored by The Daily Mail newspaper, which found that 29 percent of Americans didn’t know that TV was still available for free. According to the August 2017 Daily Mail article, at least one misguided consumer came to the realization that streaming services aren’t all  they’re cracked up to be when it was time to watch the NFL’s 2014 Super Bowl game.

“I was just kind of surprised that this is technology that exists. It’s been awesome. It doesn’t log out and it doesn’t skip,” a Utah college student told The Wall Street Journal in its exploration of the topic and resurgence of so-called “bunny ears.”

Yes, a $20 purchase was all it took to convince someone that broadcast TV still exists and it can be obtained for far less money than the monthly cable bill or fees imposed by digital-only streaming services. For those who’ve grown tired of today’s television costs, a Clear TV review will show that this high-definition antenna is the answer to your home entertainment problems. That’s because this device plugs into any modern television set made after 2007 and allows you to improve signal strength and quality from major broadcasters like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and more. In return for the relatively inexpensive purchase price, you’ll have access to local and national news, sporting events, classic movies, children’s programming and much more. Best of all, there’s no monthly bill — a one-time purchase is all you need to access these channels.

According to the Daily Mail article, the federally-mandated switch to digital transmissions from analog that unfolded in 2009 also left many believing that they needed a converter box to view all programming. While that was true for older TV sets, those who no longer wanted to pay for cable television were simply able to cut that cord while purchasing an antenna to access broadcast channels. Any Clear TV review from so many pleased customers will show that this is the way to go if you’re fed up with paying more than $1,000 a year for a service that so often gives so little back to consumers. Save your hard-earned money for the necessary expenses and realize that broadcast TV offers everything  you truly need for a few hours of entertainment on weeknights.


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