Ranks Of ‘Cord-Cutting’ Americans Likely To Swell In 2018 As Trend Continues

clear tv keyDown 2.6 million subscribers as of September 2017 with no signs of slowing down. That’s the reality cable and satellite television providers faced last year and experts say that the coming year may be filled with as many hurdles as the “cord-cutting” phenomenon continues. According to a Jan. 1, 2018 article from The Columbus Dispatch, 2016 saw 1.7 million Americans say “no more” to excessive monthly cable  bills. The article notes that the cost-prohibitive service has simply become more unattainable over the years. As a 29-year-old Chicago resident told the newspaper, he decided to sever ties with Comcast after “the bill just kept rising on me.” The report adds that this man had been paying $160 per month for Internet and cable television content from the media giant. That total is far higher than the $100 a typical American cable subscriber was paying in 2017, but both figures add up to a considerable amount when figured for annually.


The next question that those on the fence of cord-cutting often ask is, “What are my alternatives?” If you’re looking to reap the greatest savings while retaining quality content, a Clear TV Key is the way to go. This device, which hooks up to any modern television set, is an antenna that improves signal reception and quality from major broadcast networks. That means you’ll still be able to view programs from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and more. If you want to cut out the noise and keep watching local and national news, sporting events, children’s programming, classic movies and more, then a Clear TV Key is the way to go. On the financial front, a Clear TV Key is a one-time purchase compared to the recurring monthly cable bills that millions of Americans have now been freed of.


According to the report, some 85 percent of confirmed cord-cutters had done so to rid themselves of the financial burden. Even at the baseline of $100 per month, that’s still $1,200 per year. While millennials may have spearheaded the cord-cutting trend – simply as a way to save money that they hardly had in the first place – the behavior has spread across social classes in the country. It’s almost certain that these cable TV provides are scrambling to come up with a solution and the succession of layoffs at ESPN – which has been hit particularly hard by cord-cutters – shouldn’t be seen as one. If you’re looking for a device that will keep you and family entertained while saving crucial money for other household expenses, then this should be your next fiscal move for 2018.


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