Review Of Clear TV Antenna Shows That This Appliance Is Perfect Replacement For Cable Subscription

clear tv keyThere’s no question that technology has advanced over recent years at mind-boggling speeds. There are plenty of stores in every community across the country where you can purchase the fruits of these technological advances, too. Problem is, we seldom stop to think about if we truly need these items. Case in point: Cable television. This service that was once considered a luxury – and eventually essential – has shed tens of millions of American subscribers who grew tired of paying at least $100 per month for hundreds of channels they simply did not watch. It’s a case of the price not justifying the product, but there are equally modern alternatives that are quickly gaining popularity.

The Clear TV Key is one such alternative that gives the option of continued entertainment while casting off the cable bill once and for all. How is this possible? The Clear TV Key connects to any modern television set manufactured after 2007 and draws in the signal from major broadcasting entities in the area. That means ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox and dozens more. Not only will this provide quality entertainment for viewers of all ages, but the actual television image is in a higher quality that the cable TV variant you were paying for. That’s because cable companies must compress their HD signals for distribution; the Clear TV Key receives signals that have not been compressed so what you see on your home television set is a discernibly better-looking version.

Such a perk is just one reason why so many users have offered a positive Clear TV review of this appliance. This is a one-time purchase with long-time benefits. On top of the fact that there is improved picture quality, a Clear TV review can point to ease of installation as another reason why this device is simply superior to the expensive alternative that is cable TV. The only aspect that a user would need to plan ahead for when using this antenna is that the immediate area nearby be free of blockage from tall trees, mountains or large buildings. If you’re taking this device on the road with you, you’ll see from any other positive Clear TV review that the antenna will continue working so long as there’s a power source. If you’re in a RV or are running a generator at a camp site, you’ll still be able to watch television for entertainment during any downtime.


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